- a unique PR agency that has a methodical, analytical, content driven approach that creates news -


    PINPOINT PR is a young, tight knit award-winning public relations agency based in Singapore, for the Asia Pacific region that differentiates by the results we deliver.


    We love science, technology, finance, travel and the arts PR, but what we excel at, and have defined, is a successful content driven PR approach.


    We derived that approach specifically for publicizing amazing exhibitions and conferences but have evolved it position clients that retained us to build their brand reputation.


    We have been privileged to work with members of the Royalty, globally recognized politicians, Academy Award Winners, Nobel Laureates, Turing Prize and Field Medal winners as well as NASA spokespersons, among others.

    We are award winning! Recognized as not only the best new agency in Singapore, we were also listed as one of the top 5 PR agencies in the Asia Pacific in 2017.

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    We offer an analytical, content driven PR approach that positions an entity and grows its communities. We've created a bank of well-known local journalists that help interview spokespersons to create editorial, videos, podcasts and live video feeds.


    Share of Voice

    We feed the content we create into news and social mechanisms that are designed to build and attract a targeted community - around an event or a field - to ensure you own the share of voice around that topic or area of expertise.



    We regularly work with talented freelance journalists that excel in their field. They freelance for us, along with leading local, regional and international publications, to create news in science, technology, finance and travel.


    Video and Podcasts

    We offer broadcast media training as well as the ability to create audio and visual news. We also offer live video interviews and discussions, such as Facebook or Twitter Live and IG stories.

  • Science PR Experience

    - we understand Science! to easily carry your message across to laymen -

    Pinpoint PR has broad and detailed work experience with some of the world's leading scientists to put them on local and international news.


    From Mathematicians to Astronomers and Physicists, Chemists and Biologists, to a Princess that lobbies for Women In Science, we've covered most of what Science stands for. People we've represented include Frances Arnold (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018); Barry Barish (Nobel Prize in Physics 2016); and Efim Zelmanov (Fields Medal 1994). it's not easy to get such people on mainstream news, but we always find a way.


    Our clients include the National Research Foundation Singapore, which has engaged our agency to conduct PR for their key events since 2016 including the Global Young Scientists Summit, the Commonwealth Science Conference and the Singapore Week of Innovation and TeCHnology (SWITCH).


    We've also worked with L'Oreal for their For Women In Science programme and MIT Technology Review for their Innovators Under 35 programme.

  • Tech PR Experience

    - we work with entities launching emerging technology to bring it to the attention of mainstream -

    A B2B PR agency, Pinpoint PR has experience working with some of the world's leading technologists to put them on local and international news.


    We've worked with people like Vint Cerf, Tuomo Suntola, Stuart Parkin, Silvio Micali and numerous other innovators who have spent their lives developing cutting edge technologies.


    With Koelnmesse, we've worked with scientists attending the MIT Technology Review EmTech Asia event for each edition held in Singapore and Hong Kong and SIGGRAPH Asia 2016, 2017 and 2019.


    We also work with the Intellectual Property Institute of Singapore (IPI) on the PR for their TechInnovation event series.


    Tech clients who keep us on retainer include, for example, Hitachi Vantara for Southeast Asia, TrustYou and Horangi Cyber Security. We are also agency of record with companies like OANDA and ARM.

  • Events PR Experience

    - our content led approach generates tremendous pre-event PR to attract visitors and delegates -



    “In 2013 we launched EmTech in Singapore and, attracted by the can-do attitude of their team, we decided to go with a then little-known PR agency: Pinpoint PR. Ever since that year we’ve stuck to PPR for all our technology events. They do an excellent job by actively recruiting media to attend the event and by facilitating tier one interviews with most of our conference speakers,” says Daria La Valle, Project Director, EmTech Asia by Koelnmesse Pte Ltd.



    Daniela Elia, Head of Marketing for Informa, said “In 2018, we chose to change our PR agency and work with Pinpoint PR for Vitafoods Asia 2018 because of their content-led approach. They did an excellent job not only on the PR, but also in extending the audience and engagement for our social media accounts. Some of the communications initiatives we trialled with Vitafoods Asia will now carry across to other events we organise.”


    What’s special about us is that, over the course of three years and executing PR for more than 40 key exhibitions and conferences, we’ve honed a content-led approach for pre-event PR (an organisers’ biggest challenge).


    Key event and project clients include the National Research Foundation for the Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS) (2017-2019); the Commonwealth Science Conference 2017; and SWITCH 2018. IPI Singapore for TechInnovation (2016-2019). Koelnmesse for EmTech Asia and EmTech Hong Kong (2013- 2019), IDEM 2018, and SIGGRAPH Asia (2016-2019); Informa for Vitafoods Asia (2018-2019).


    We draw on a bank of 6 freelance journalists, and 1 broadcast journalist (many of them recognisable names) to interview spokespersons, determine the story angle and write editorial, which we pitch and often are published in tier 1 and 2 media.


    We’ve especially made events into must-attend events, like EmTech Asia, which now attracts attendance of 50+ media who conduct 60+ interviews across two days.


    Our event work has attracted retainer and agency of record clients, as we prove that we can work successfully in their specialty fields.